our response to COVID-19

David here, founder of Native Maps. First, I just wanted to say a very sincere THANK YOU to all who have continued to support us right now. I know it's an unpredictable and unprecedented time. I also know that most of you, like us, are home way more than you're used to, and maybe you're looking for ways to spruce up and bring a little more joy into your space. I'd like to make that a little easier, so you can use the code #STAYHOME for 20% off all prints as long as we're all staying home together. It's our small way of saying we're along for the ride with you.

I also wanted jump on give you a quick rundown of our response to COVID-19: 

Orders are still shipping out

 I'm very grateful that our studio is based out of a private building, and it is not open to the public. I'm the only one in the studio, my interns and employee won't be coming in during this time. That means your orders will keep going out. I'm also following CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting.

The interior of your package will be safe 

Based on recent research by the New England Journal of Medicine, COVID-19 can live for 24 hours on paper and cardboard. So on the very minuscule chance that any virus is in your package (I'm a little OCD so I had to look this up), you can rest assured that it won't be around when you open your package, because our prints, tubes, and packing materials are all paper products. Please take appropriate precautions when handling the outside of your package, like any other mail. 

Your purchase supports our livelihood, and we will be supporting other small businesses

In case there was any doubt, your order directly supports the livelihood of myself and my family. Every order is a tangible push that allows us to keep going. Because we are a small business, we intentionally support other small businesses as much as possible, as well as our employee, frame maker, photographer, and other local collaborators.

If you have any other questions along these lines, feel free to reach out at studio@nativemaps.us.



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