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A Sleek, Screen-Printed City Map

Re-posted from our 5-Star Buys feature on Etsy's blog, written by Rachel Mosely. 
In our 5-Star Buys series, we spotlight popular Etsy items that recently struck a chord with shoppers—and let their rave reviews do the talking.
No matter where you’re headed, it’s hard to forget where you’ve come from. The cities, neighborhoods, and communities that shaped us—or the ones we’ve chosen to make our havens—can contribute so much to what makes us unique and where we find our joy. Print studio Native Maps knows a thing or two about happy places—in fact, that’s the inspiration behind each and every installment of their celebrated city map line. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, the shop specializes in hand-drawn city and neighborhood maps that stand out with their eye-popping specificity. Sourcing intel from on-the-ground residents, the Native Maps team makes sure each area’s districts, enclaves, and streets are local-approved. The result? A downright mesmerizing map-sterpiece that proves there’s no place quite like home. Here’s what one happy customer had to say:
“I’m a Houston native now living in DC, and I wanted a way of reminding myself of home and the two cities that have helped make me who I am. I absolutely love how it came out: high quality, fast shipping—can’t go wrong! Highly recommend.” — EC
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