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Happy Earth Day! We're celebrating Earth Day by becoming Climate Neutral Certified for the second year in a row 🎉.
What does Climate Neutral Certified mean?
We measure, reduce, and offset the entire carbon footprint of our business - including every shipment that goes out the door.
How does it work?
Our business creates some carbon. We reduce what we can, and we offset the rest. We work closely with Climate Neutral to measure our carbon footprint (which you can see here), then we purchase carbon credits from projects that sequester carbon - like reforestation.
Our eco-friendly studio
Beyond being Climate Neutral Certified, we wanted to share some of our sustainable small business practices.
Believe it or not, our studio produces about one bag of trash every other month. Because we primarily deal with paper products, we can recycle just about all of our waste. In the above photo, I'm holding our outgoing trash in front of our outgoing recycling - a big difference!
Our shipping materials are 100% recyclable. We have removed all possible plastics from our shipping process - even down to the archival wrapping paper and the Kraft shipping tape.
Our inks are water-based and zero-VOC, requiring no harmful solvents for cleanup.
One of my favorite parts of running a small business is that we get to decide how we source, produce, and ship all of our products. For example, when we started shipping large wholesale order, we used bubble wrap by default. But as I re-evaluated our materials, we replaced the bubble wrap with recycled kraft packaging paper. Having that level of control and intention is especially rewarding when it comes to comes to establishing earth-friendly practices in the studio.
Happy Earth Day from the Native Maps team!
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