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The Ultimate Austin Taco Guide

I ran into José about 10 years ago at a friend's house in Dallas. Back then, finding good tacos meant driving across town through unknown neighborhoods. Since then, I've come to appreciate José's writing because it is completely unbiased. A good taco is a good taco, whether it's in a gas station, a strip mall, a food truck, or a five star restaurant. Without exaggeration, I believe this is the Ultimate Taco Guide for the best tacos in Austin. I suggest you bookmark this one for our taco map at the bottom. You can find more of José's taco adventures at the Taco Trail  and make sure to check out our Austin Neighborhood Map art.

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Veracruz All Natural

What began as a small parking lot operation is now a veritable empire built on the migas breakfast tacos to rule all migas breakfast tacos.



Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

No other food operation better expresses Texas’ culinary tapestry than Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, where barbecue and Tex-Mex rub shoulders in fluffy fresh flour tortillas.


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Mi Tradicion

Rice is an essential part of every meal, right? Yep—especially when it involves the chile relleno on a blue corn tortilla served at this Austin bakery institution.


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Joe’s Bakery & Coffee Shop

Read carefully while sitting: Flour-dredged and fried bacon. That slice of nirvana is packed alongside egg and binding cheese in a house-made flour tortilla at this East Austin morning mecca.


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When you want got to get your street taco fix, Taconmaye has got you covered.


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Kesos Taco House

Big and cheesy and so very Austin—in the best possible way—Kesos has got it all. There are the breakfast tacos we all know and love and quirky tortilla parcels too like the SOCO, Bluebonnet, the South By, and, naturally, the Hippie Hollow. Look up the last one.




The Otto is a candidate for best breakfast taco of all time for ever everywhere. What's not to love about perfectly cooked bacon, refried black beans, an avocado smile and Monterey Jack cheese?


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Vaquero Taquero

The. Best. Taco. Al. Pastor. In. Austin. Period.




Papalote Taco House

Guisados—an unruly mix of Mexican stews and homey dishes—are what it’s all about here.



Rosarito Tacos Estilo Baja

Representing the insane and delicious seafood tacos of Baja California, Rosarito serves up several gems. The best, though, is the Octopork: grilled octopus with chicharrones (pork cracklings).




Dai Due Taqueria

What do you get when you blend handmade heirloom Mexican corn tortillas with locally sourced fillings (think, wild boar al pastor or beet loganiza atop deep blue tortillas)? You get next-level, one-step-closer-to-the-border excellence.



Taco Sweets

Ice cream tacos are tacos. We’re calling it. They’re a thing now. 


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